Custom Made Awnings for Cafes

Custom Made Awnings for Cafes

As the weather begins to warm up in South East Queensland, so begins the annual migration of tourists to the Gold Coast.

Long renowned for its beautiful weather, the Gold Coast has become somewhat of a tourist hotspot over the years.  People come from far and wide to enjoy the sun, the surf and the relaxed atmosphere that the coast has to offer.  It’s no surprise that at some point everyone needs a break from the heat, and the perfect location is the local cafes lining the strip.  Our team at ABC Awnings and Blinds have made it our mission to provide these cafes with the perfect awnings Gold Coast.

While you might find yourself asking what the best awning is to use for your cafe, the real answer is that there isn’t a single set in stone solution.  At ABC Awnings and Blinds, we offer a wide range of awning solutions depending on your needs.

The traditional solution is to incorporate an aluminium awning to your cafe. These awnings are built to be sturdy, and can be considered to be the ‘workhorses’ of the awning family. Their unique ability to block over 90% of the sun’s light is definitely a drawing point for cafes looking to upgrade their awnings Gold Coast.  With the options of multiple powder coats and mechanical retraction systems, it’s no wonder that these have been a best seller for many years.

Alternatively, cafe’s looking to take a more modern approach to shield their customers from the sun should consider one of our customised fabric awnings. Whilst not as powerful at blocking the sun as their aluminium counterparts, these fabric awnings easily make up for it with their ability to be extensively customised.  With the choice of traditional fabrics, semi transparent meshes, colours and sizes, fabric awnings have become a popular choice for businesses looking for a practical and aesthetic solution.

If you are looking to brand your cafe with custom made awnings, don’t hesitate to talk our team here at ABC Awnings and Blinds via phone at 1300 767 756. With our amazing range of awnings Gold Coast, we have no doubt that your cafe will turn into the place to be this summer.