Different Styles of Window Shutters

Different Styles of Window Shutters

Those who live in Queensland know that there’s nothing harsher than an Australian summer.

Whether it is the sweltering conditions or the unpredictable weather, Queenslanders have come to develop a love-hate relationship with their famous climate.  The constant quest to escape the sun has led Queenslanders to go to the extremes to escape the heat, installing bulky systems that are expensive and intrusive on day to day life.  Our team at ABC Awnings and Blinds have developed a wide range of window shutters Gold Coast which allows Queenslanders to escape the heat in style.

There are many different styles of window shutters that have been developed to give our clients a choice on how they would like their home to look and feel.  For those customers who are looking for a versatile and stylish option for their home, we would recommend that they look at our range of traditional window shutters.  These window shutters have been designed to be fixed, sliding, folding or on hinges, depending on the area of the home that they are fitted.  These shutters allow you to control the light and allow a breeze to flow through your home.

Alternatively, those who require shutters that offer more of a sense of privacy tend to be drawn to our range of plantation shutters.  These plantation shutters can be fixed either vertically or horizontally depending on your requirements.  They come in a wide range of colours and materials, including timber and composite polystyrene.

If you are looking for a new and stylish way to escape the sun while retaining your privacy, you should definitely consider our wide range of window shutters Gold Coast.  Our team at ABC Awnings and Blinds are able to advise you on the best style for your home or office.  For more information on how to stay out of the heat this summer, contact our team by phone on 1300 767 756.