Different styles of blinds for your home

Different styles of blinds for your home

As another summer has come and gone we can now take the time to sit back and reflect on just how hot it really was, and how we might be able to avoid such heat next time it gets extremely warm.  

One of the most popular ways Queenslanders are choosing to protect their home from the heat is to install custom awnings and blinds Cairns.  Today’s blog post will explore the different styles of blinds that are available, and analyse how they will benefit your home.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a very popular shade solution that is used to protect large areas of glass from the heat of the sun’s rays, whilst also creating a privacy screen from nosy neighbours.  Renowned for its sleek lines and aesthetic looks, the blinds are able to be constructed in a number of modern designs from a variety of materials, including our ever-so popular ‘woven wood’ finishes.

Venetian Blinds

For those looking for a more simple design that can be used as a shade solution for even the smallest windows in your home, try considering our wide range of venetian blinds.  Venetian blinds are perfectly suited to homes across Queensland as they are able to easily and effectively control the amount of light that enters a room.  No longer will you strain to see through the afternoon sun and its blinding rays with a functional venetian blinds system in your home.

Roman and Roller Blinds

Both Roman Blinds and Roller Blinds are extremely popular in modern homes which are looking to create a stunning solution to create shade and privacy in their homes.  The blinds functionality is only surpassed by its beauty, with a wide range of woven materials able to be chosen and custom made to suit any Queensland home.
In today’s blog post, we have explored some of the different designs and styles of blinds Cairns that are suitable to any home in Queensland.  If you would like to enquire further about anything you have read today, don’t hesitate to give our professional team at ABC Awnings and Blinds a call today on 1300 767 756.