Outdoor motorised awnings in Gold Coast

Outdoor motorised awnings in Gold Coast

As families grow a cost effective solution to extending your living space is with motorised outdoor awnings.

At ABC Awnings and Blinds we have an extensive range of innovative solutions made from high quality materials that are long lasting and come with a 5 year warranty.  We offer our customers elegant designs in a range of fabrics; this allows you to choose a style that will blend seamlessly with the existing design of your property.

Many modern properties have utilised large areas of glazing to create the open feeling of extra space, unfortunately the solar heating from the strong summer sun can create a ‘greenhouse’ effect in your property. Outdoor awnings allow you the flexibility to reduce solar glare in the summer to help keep your property cool, and at the same time make the most of sunlight during the cooler winter months. Unlike fixed veranda, awnings give you a dynamic solution you can utilise to your advantage in any season.

Classic designs and modern fabrics will protect your family from the intense penetration of the summer sun, giving you extra space outdoors to either extend your living space for eating or relaxing. Long term strategic use of awnings and blinds will help reduce your energy bills, as you have more control of the light and heat that enters your property.

Our motorised awnings  in Gold Coast are controlled by remote making opening and closing them a very easy simple process, the fabrics we use are all made from a high quality UV resistant and waterproof material, we even tailor our protective casing that your awnings are housed in to the exterior décor of your property to ensure they do not detract from the overall appearance of your home. If you would like more information or advice please contact one of our team today on 1300 767 756.