Media Heroes install our beautiful Roller Blinds!

Media Heroes install our beautiful Roller Blinds!

Here at ABC Awnings and Blinds, we have always had a very close relationship with our web marketing company, Media Heroes.  

They are the wonderful company who are responsible for our web design and our SEO.  In today’s blog post, we will take quite a different spin on our normal articles by performing a case study on how Media Heroes came about installing our Roller Blinds.

‘My name is Michael Reed and I work at Media Heroes as the SEO Consultant for ABC Awnings and Blinds. It’s my role to run a successful SEO campaign for the team, ensuring that ABC Awnings and Blinds rank highly in Google for a variety of keywords.  The whole idea is that this will drive traffic to their site, and in turn increase sales.

Obviously in a role like this, there is quite a lot of computer work involved.  If there is any glare on the computer screens or in my line of sight, in can place quite a strain on my eyes.  After many failed attempts at fixing the glare ourselves, we finally decided that we’d call in the experts at ABC Awnings and Blinds.

I’d know of ABC Awnings and Blinds along time before I even managing their campaign.  The brand itself is highly recognizable, and it is well known as an established and trusted company.  I knew some of the great things they could do, which is why I did not hesitate in getting them out to make a recommendation for an effective solution to our problem.

We ultimately ended up installing semi-transparent roller blinds, which provided a great sunscreen for the windows while still allowing for flexibility according to the conditions outside.  The sleek black colour of the blinds really suited our office and creates a professional and sophisticated feel to it.

I really couldn’t speak more highly of the service and final outcome that I received when dealing with ABC Awnings and Blinds.  I would recommend their services to anyone who needs a shading solution for their home or office.’